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Entrainment & The Power of Sound with Tom Powers

  About Tom Powers Tom began his career in audio production in 1989, while he was still in college. He attended UW Whitewater College, in the southern part of Wisconsin, an hour away from Milwaukee, an hour away from Madison and about an hour and a half away from Chicago. Because of his location, he was able to get gigs working as as intern at some well known studios in evenings and on weekends where he started learning the tricks of the trade. Upon graduation, Tom ran a professional sound and light company from 1991 until 2004. For ten years of that he built a service called “Bring the Studio to the Artist” He wrote a 24 channel dat rig, a digital audio tape rig, and traveled to the Artist’s location and produced the recordings on the spot.While this proved to be quite successful, it was a lot of gear to move around and required that Tom be on the road constantly. In 2000, Tom made the decision to settle down and raise a family and look for a more stable source of income. He decided t

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