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Lucky Time with Tracy Jones - Pass the Jam

  In our latest podcast episode, we sit down with Tracy Jones, a remarkable figure in the Toronto music scene, whose life and career are intertwined with passionate musical expression. Jones' story is a captivating blend of early family influences, a dedicated career in advertising, and his ever-evolving role as a singer-songwriter, particularly highlighted in his latest album, "Lucky Time." From his childhood, surrounded by the tunes of the 60s to his own experiences in the  new wave era, Tracy Jones' journey is nothing short of inspiring. With music at his core, he discusses the impact of iconic bands like the Beatles and Rush on his artistic development. This narrative resonates deeply with listeners who have witnessed their own musical tastes and abilities shaped by the legends of the past. Jones' dual life as a creative in both advertising and music sheds light on the multifaceted nature of artistic careers. His transition from proofreading to co

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