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Liner Notes

  As many of you know, from listening to past episodes of #TheSpaceinBetween and our music series, #PasstheJam, I'm not a big fan of music services like Spotify and Apple music, as a primary way to discover and learn about music and musicians. To me, these services take away that important element of learning, self discovery, research, and adventure of coming across something you've never heard before and going, "wow I really love that. I'm going to go out and explore this avenue of music or these musicians; I'm going to hunt down their records" When I was younger and really got into music, particularly in the late seventies and early eighties, the way I would discover new music was by going to the record store, buying a record and listening to it when I got home, while reading the liner notes. Until recently I didn't realize how important those liner notes were in terms of my music education. They provided the historical context for what I was listing to;

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