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Little Feat A.G. (After George)

As our listeners know, we've been doing a fairly deep dive into the music of Little Feat. I had a great interview with Mr. Bill Payne, co-founder and pianist for the band, and during that interview we  discussed the need to encourage new listeners to Little Feat. What came out of the interviews, both with Bill and with some of the fans on the street before their show in Seattle this past summer was Little Feat fans are a little bit stuck in the past.For many hardcore Little Feat fans, the band essentially ended with the death of Lowell George in 1979. And yet the band has continued to evolve and progress and introduce new musical stylings along with a range of new vocalists following the death of Lowell George over 40 years ago. In this episode we're going to take you on a interactive musical journey into the music of Little Feat A.G.  We've created a public Spotify playlist with all the songs that we discuss in this episode. In the show information we've

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