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The Power of Mathematics, Innovation & Optimal Learning, with John Mighton - Part 1

                Ever wondered why some people seem to have a natural knack for numbers while others find mathematics a constant struggle? This puzzling question and many others are explored in a fascinating conversation with one of Canada's most distinguished innovators, John Mighton. A self-taught mathematician, Mighton shares his unique perspective on mathematics and education, shedding light on the myth of the 'math gene' and offering practical strategies for optimal learning. Mighton's's journey from a diverse background in literature and theatre to becoming a renowned mathematician is nothing short of inspiring. His self-learning approach challenges the commonly held belief that only certain individuals possess the 'math gene.' Drawing from his experience as a consultant for the Hollywood movie Good Will Hunting, Mighton offers insights into the transformative power of mathematics and its potential to break down societal barriers. A signifi

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