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Take Five - Finale of Season 4 of For What it's Worth with Blake Menick

  Blake Melnick, Key West 2023 " We're going to take about 5 so we can stay alive. We might take 10, my friend, but we'll be back again. We might take 20, but when we come back, we going to play... a plenty. We're not gonna take 30 because that'll be sorta dirty. So if you wanna be somebody, get you another beer and stay here. Don't be a clown, and put us down or be a square, walk out and go somewhere"    ( Bluesman Jimmy Johnson's version of the seminal jazz tune "Take Five" by Paul Desmond, from his record, "Johnson Whacks") Well, it's that time again. The end of another season and it's time to #TakeFive and prepare for season 5 of #ForWhatitsWorthwithBlakeMelnck.  Season 4 has been a great season with some really fantastic guests who've taught me a great deal. One of the best things about hosting a podcast is what I learn from my guests. And while we produced fewer episodes this season than in the past, I feel the qua

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