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Another Modest Proposal - With a Nod to Jonathan Swift

    In this world of algorithm - induced echo chambers and thought bubbles, cancel culture, shaming, and tribalism, where we seem to have lost the art of debate and the importance hearing multiple perspectives on a given topic, as a key tenant of learning, satire is much needed. This episode, #AnotherModestProposal is dedicated to Johnathan Swift. Jonathan Swift was born on November 30th, 1667 in Dublin, in the kingdom of Ireland. Swift is considered to be the most important satirist in English literature. He used biting satire to tap into the Zeitgeist of 17th century, British society and critique economic and social conditions, and political policies of the day, employing satire to avoid being censored by the ruling party. Another Modest Proposal Here's an idea worthy of consideration. Let's bring back smoking in bars. Who doesn't remember smoking in bars. The blue tinted haze you had to walk through when you entered your favourite drinking establishment or the

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