Take Five - Finale of Season 4 of For What it's Worth with Blake Menick


Blake Melnick, Key West 2023

"We're going to take about 5 so we can stay alive. We might take 10, my friend, but we'll be back again. We might take 20, but when we come back, we going to play... a plenty. We're not gonna take 30 because that'll be sorta dirty. So if you wanna be somebody, get you another beer and stay here. Don't be a clown, and put us down or be a square, walk out and go somewhere"   (Bluesman Jimmy Johnson's version of the seminal jazz tune "Take Five" by Paul Desmond, from his record, "Johnson Whacks")

Well, it's that time again. The end of another season and it's time to #TakeFive and prepare for season 5 of #ForWhatitsWorthwithBlakeMelnck. 

Season 4 has been a great season with some really fantastic guests who've taught me a great deal. One of the best things about hosting a podcast is what I learn from my guests.

And while we produced fewer episodes this season than in the past, I feel the quality of the interviews and the guests have more than made up for this. A lot of the focus for this season has been on innovation. Understanding the innovation dynamic, Identifying the mindset of innovation through the personal stories of the innovators themselves - Folks who are trying to make a difference in the world who bring us along on their journeys. 

Stories are so important. They help us make sense of the world, admittedly a difficult task these days, and our place within it. Stories of innovation are both inspiring and thought provoking. I want to thank #DrTomCarey, #DrTerrySoleas #StephenCohos, #DrRuthBackstrom, #TomPowers, and #SueSiri, for the generosity of their time and spirit and for their willingness to share their personal stories.

It was a thrill for me to kick off this season with my interview with Mr. #BillPayne of #LittleFeat and the 4- part episode,  “Feats Don't Fail Me Now” As our listeners know, Little Feat is my favourite band. Thanks, Bill, for your wisdom and thoughtfulness. Having the opportunity to have a conversation with you was a dream come true for me.

As a reminder to our listeners, the Little Feat  documentary is set to be released this Fall. We'll let you know when it drops, and my co-host Cameron Brown and I will undoubtedy do a review of the film in a future episode of The Space In Between. And speaking of my co host... Cam, thank you for your friendship and for helping to bring levity to the show through our shared passion for the arts.

I also want to give a big shout out to #DouglasCameron, our current artist in residence for all the fantastic music. We'll be featuring Douglas's music in a playlist episode in season 5 and he will join me as my co-host as we pass the jam on to an exciting new artist…So stay tuned for that.

Producing a podcast is hard work, countless hours of preparation, research, and editing. And sometimes it gets overwhelming and downright discouraging. That's probably why 90% of podcasts don't last more than three episodes, and 90% of the remaining 10% are gone after 20 episodes. During these times of doubt, I'm reminded of the Beatles song with a little help from my friends.

I count myself extremely fortunate for my friends who have encouraged me to keep going. Listeners who have reached out to tell me how much they like the show and who take the time to share episodes and post reviews. The folks who've made monthly contributions to the show. All who've opted to remain anonymous.

(And by the way, if you leave your name, I will give you a personal shout out on the show)

People like past guests, #TomLocke, author of the award winning book, #MomentsinTime, who has been a regular contributor to the show's Facebook page.

#BenHunter, a positive force for good in the world. who has introduced me to new guests, shared ideas with me, and engaged in lengthy and deep conversations about life and the reason for being - Thank you, amigo. Your energy keeps me going.

My old pal, #JackRoss, who keeps me grounded and is always supportive. #DeniseRoss from Live Nation for the “best seats in the house”

And most important,  my family … My wife; and best friend Sharon, who encouraged me to start the pod in the first place and is my biggest fan.

My daughters, Parker and Rowan, whose knowledge about all things trending and whose artistic contributions have been invaluable in "teaching an old dog”  like me, new tricks. And of course, thanks to all of you who have taken the time to listen to the show. You inspire me, and I love you all.

And this brings me to Season 5…

We have what is shaping up to be the best season ever. Stay tuned, for the Season 5 trailer for a little taste of what’s to come ….For What it’s Worth

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