Meet the Band - For What it's Worth and the Space [in between]

Creating a podcast is a significant effort, requiring creative and organizational input from a band of dedicated people. We are learning as we go, making continuous adjustments along the way in an effort to create an interesting, relevant and entertaining show for our audience ... We want to take creative risks and of course we aim to have a lot of fun while doing so! Hope you enjoy our first season...For What it's Worth.

I am fortunate to have an amazing band of "Merry Pranksters" - and here they are:

#BlakeMelnick, Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
(Host, Executive Producer, writer and performer)

#CameronBrown, Rhythm Guitar, Back up Vocals
(Co-host of "the space" [in between], Staff Writer)

#AllisonDavies, Bass Guitar, Arrangements
(Producer and Production Coordinator)

#RowanMelnick (aka Squeaky McKnee), Drums and Percussion
(Technical, Sound Editor, Graphic Designer, Voice of Reason)


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