Back to School Blues

With September fast approaching, North American families are typically focused on preparing for the start of the school year. In normal times, this can be busy and stressful for parents, students and teachers. Under the shadow of the COVID 19 Pandemic it is something different entirely.

We have seen a significant up tick in infection rates of COVID 19 across the country  since July. This increase has largely been attributed to young people, feeling the need to be social after so many months of isolation. It would appear from contact tracing, the greatest risk for transmission is large gatherings indoors - Bars, restaurants, house parties etc. 

As the weather begins to cool, and people start to spend less time outside, the risk of infection and transmission for all of us will increase - The science is quite clear. Knowing this, should we as a society further exacerbate the risk of infection, transmission, and death for the most vulnerable members of our society, by allowing our schools to open in September? What are the alternatives?

Join us for this week’s episode of #TheSpace[inbetween],  Back to School Blues …#ForWhatItsWorth


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