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Pass the Jam Details

Sometimes we all experience those "ah ha!" moments. 
Such was the case with our new music series, #passthejam.
What began as an idea born from our frustration with our inability to play recorded music on #ForWhatitsWorth because of the costs and the restrictive nature of copyright laws, particularly as they relate to podcasts, has morphed into something completely different - a creative new approach for supporting artists, their music and their stories, which breaks free from traditional Industry norms and the typical industry directed listener experience. An approach which places the artist and their music "at the centre" and allows listeners to hear music they might not otherwise be exposed to and develop a deeper connection with the artists and their stories. At the same time we hope that having artists directly involved in "Passing the Jam", the series will foster connections between the artists themselves leading to previously unimagined possibilities for collaboration; new musical directions, and provide a great listening experience for our audience.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for original music to use for all the intros and outros on For What it's Worth and the Space [in between]; Something that fits the theme and tone of the show: it can be an instrumental piece, a song (acapella or accompanied) but it must be original and not infringe on any existing copyright material.

Along with playing your songs, we feature you and/or your band in an episode of the show

 How it works    

  • Once we receive your songs, we will use your music to introduce your episode

  • The currently holder of the Jam, will be a co-host for the episode along with Blake to "Pass the Jam "to you as the next featured artist

  • During the interview, we will discuss your motivations, inspirations, influences etc. 

  • You will also be featured on the show blog where you can promote your music, your Merch, your social media feeds etc.

  • Following your episode, you will be the "Holder of the Jam" and our Artist in Residence for a month or more. We will play your music for each episode of the show (intros and outros) as well as acknowledge you in the show notes for each episode.

  • At the end of the cycle, we will have a  "musical Interlude" episode of the Space[inbetween] where we will play your full songs as a lead in to the episode where you will help us "Pass the Jam" to the next artist.

Next Steps

1. Subscribe and listen to the show particularly the trailer to get a an idea of the     flavour of the show. Here are some direct links to subscribe:
2. Send us a couple of songs (6 if possible ideally in MP3 format) Use one of the             following options: 
  • Option 1- Email: Email the clip to us:
  • Option 2: Sound Cloud: Send us a link to access the clip from your Sound Cloud account 
  • Option 3: YouTube: Upload the clip to your YouTube channel and send us the link 
  • Option 4: Google Drive - Send us the link to download the clip from Google Drive, Dropbox of any other file sharing service you use
3. Promotional Material - For each person submitting a clip we would also like     you to provide:
  • The name of your songs along with all credits 
  • A short bio - your name; the name of your band, anything interesting you want to say about your music in particular
  • Any social media links or contact information you would like to make public 
  • Any Artwork you would care to provide (for inclusion on in the Show Blog) 
  • A photo of the Artist(s) - optional, but recommended for inclusion 
  • We will also feature you on the "For What it's Worth" The Podcast Series Facebook page, Instagram and on our soon to be released YouTube channel
That's about it...Rock on!

By providing us with your music, photos, artwork, you give "For What it's Worth with Blake Melnick and "The Space [inbetween]", unrestricted permission in perpetuity, to play, use, distribute the information you provide for the purpose of promoting the show, promoting you (the artist) or promoting the submitted work. For What it's Worth Podcast with Blake Melnick, agrees to credit the artist for use of all material and acknowledges no ownership, or copyright over the material you submit.



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