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About Tom

Tom Scanlan recently retired as Director of  "Five" Communications.

In the 1970's  he was part of the original group that did the pilot project for the world-renowned Blue Box recycling program. His organization also provided communication programs for more than 50 Canadian Charities. 

Tom is the author of 6 educational books and has published articles in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and the Ottawa Citizen. Tom was never a serious collector of hockey items, although as a young boy, he fought with his brothers to get the Bee Hive syrup coupon that you could send in to obtain a photo of your favourite hockey player. 

Eight years ago, a seemingly innocent story in the local paper about a former NHL player who was selling his Stanley Cup ring, became the springboard for Tom leading top the eventual purchase of a valuable hockey stick collection.

Cam Brown and I interviewed Tom on the #Spaceinbetween in October of this year. I was immediately struck by Tom's openness and his willingness to discuss his passion for hockey and his amazing collection. Tom's knowledge of the game is deep, and his stories are a pure delight for hockey fans everywhere. In a strange way Tom is a conduit for all of us to the game which is an intrinsic part of who we are as Canadians. Every time Tom told a us a story during the interview, it conjured up such vivid memories about our own personal connection with the game.

Link to the podcast episode "The Love of the Game"

Link to Larry Scanlan's article, The Talking Sticks published in the May/June 2021 Edition of Kingston Life

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