O'Lucky Man, Pass the Jam - featuring Ben Hunter, Hardcore Troubadour

Ben Hunter is one of the “Last of the Hard Core Troubadours.” Cutting his teeth in the loudest hard rock band and the quietest solo acoustic shows in the raw early punk scene of Toronto, Hunter learned early to go against the grain and follow his own muse. Long searching for his own “Hamburg,” he finally found as close to it as could be had in North America when he migrated to Minneapolis. There, on the road or at home, his band played seven nights a week, four sets a night—of all original music. A prolific writer and tireless performer, this finally gave Hunter the degree of creative outlet he had sought since committing to music in his teens. After moving to L.A., cruising in his ’64 Cadillac hearse “White Cloud,” countless gigs, recordings and adventures under the sun and palm trees followed. Here he forged his eclectic but singular style, built on a solid rock and lyrical foundation. Not bound by a particular genre, Hunter insists on exploring a greater freedom of expression. Now in the age of worldwide digital distribution, Hunter’s extensive body of work is reaching an even greater worldwide audience.

Ben comes from a family of both academics and artists. His folks, while academics, encouraged his artistic side from a very early age. A self taught musician, he grew up strongly influenced by the likes of Neil Young, the Beatles and Bob Dylan, among others.

Much like his greatest influence Neil Young, Ben travelled to California seeking work and support for a challenging career in music. To do this he left family and friends in his home country of Canada and has become what some would call a "hard core troubadour"
To download the interview O'Lucky Man
To purchase or stream the record: https://benhunter.hearnow.com
To watch the latest Lucky videohttps://youtu.be/0pL_613qopw
To reach out to Ben: hieagle1460@gmail.com

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