Knowledge IS the Commodity


Our guest this week on#ForWhatitsWorth, is Praveen Andivasu. Praveen served as KPMG's Head of Collaboration, Knowledge Management and Change Management -
Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs. Prior to joining KPMG, Praveen served as the Associate Vice President and Head, Training Capability Development for Vodafone in Mumbai, India and Assistant Vice-President and Learning Leader, Retail Consumer Finance for General Electric in the U.S.



Praveen Andivasu

I had the good fortune to meet Praveen when he joined KPMG in 2012. He reached out to me in my role as Chief Knowledge Officer at KMIC to discuss emergent trends in Knowledge Management (KM) education, as well as to explore strategies for enhancing the practice of KM within Global Marketing at KPMG. I was immediately taken with his inquisitiveness and his recognition that Knowledge was fast becoming the new commodity, and represented a competitive differentiator for KPMG. He understood intuitively, KPMG is in essence a Knowledge Company. By ensuring the rapid transfer of knowledge from those who knew to those who needed to know, KM could deliver a measurable return on investment for the Firm, and most important, for their clients. Internally, he saw the potential to reduce redundancy and repetition of past mistakes and to improve organizational effectiveness . Perhaps most significant (at least for me) was his recognition that better KM practices, would result in the improved capacity for ideation and innovation, which in turn would translate to improved products and services for KPMG's clients.

Knowledge is the New Commodity

In this 2 part episode of #ForWhatitsWorthPodcast titled, with the Global Pandemic as a backdrop, Praveen discusses the need to be agile, shifting and aligning KM priorities to address the emergent business challenges, to ensure risk mitigation, and business continuity, in the event of further lock downs or restrictions to the Firm's day to day business practices; Enabling better online business development; empowering client services with the information and knowledge necessary to solve emergent client business issues; Enhancing virtual collaborative environments to support remote learning and work, while improving client engagements; Supporting employee led innovation through improved knowledge flows, resulting in new product offerings and well as improved time to market for an organization's existing products and services, and finally, to establish an easily accessible, one stop shop, for a Firm's global, institutional information and knowledge. 

Join us for #knowledgeisthecommodity - For What it's Worth...

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Click the links below to listen to Part 1 and 2 of the podcast:

Knowledge is the Commodity Part 1

Knowledge is the Commodity Part 2


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