Campfire Jesus


Oliver McQuade and the Tumbleweeds at the Kimberley Golf Course

I am really excited about this week’s 2 part episode called "Campfire Jesus". It is the first in person interview we’ve conducted since the show began; the second episode of our Pass the Jam Music Series, and the inaugural “passing of the jam” from our current artist in residence, Ben Hunter to an exciting new artist, Oliver McQuaid

Oliver is  originally from Squamish B.C, but has lived in Mexico for large periods of time. He now lives in Kimberley BC with his family.

He is a local legend in the East Kooteney’s and has played at various events and festivals throughout the Province over the years, as a duo with his cousin Kurt, as a solo act, and most recently with his band, The Tumbleweeds. 

Oliver and the Tumbleweeds
Oliver and the Captain
Heavily influenced by music of John Prine, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Chet Atkins, and Jimi Hendrick, he is a prolific songwriter drawing inspiration from "the land" and the writings of existentialist philosopher, Fredrick Nietzsche. 

He is a gifted entertainer, who effortlessly draws his audience into each and every performance - From soulful ballads to rock'n, foot stomping country blues, he keep folks on the edge of their seats (if not completely off their seats during his performances)

Part 1 of the interview, Oliver discusses his songs, musical influences, the impact of Friedrich Nietzsche; the importance of family, and his early days as an aspiring
singer / songwriter

Oliver and Kurt at the Sunpit








Part 2 of the interview we are joined by Ben Hunter, the current "holder of the jam" live from Los Angeles. Ben and Oliver do deep dive into the art of songwriting; the music business; personal motivations, and future career aspirations, all with disarming openness, humour and honesty...I think you are going to love this episode ....For What it's Worth.

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