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Tom Locke

Born and raised in Toronto, Tom moved to Vancouver in 1984 and began working in the film and entertainment industry. His timing was impeccable in that he had the opportunity to work alongside like- minded individuals who played an integral role in creating a billion-dollar industry for British Columbia.

In 1995, Tom co-founded Rainmaker Digital Pictures Corporation ("Rainmaker")

Prior to this he was President and CEO of Gastown Post & Transfer, Western Canada's largest independent post-production facility. Gastown, which evolved into Rainmaker, provided a complete range of digital post-production services for national and international film, television and video producers.

Some of the TV projects Tom and his team post-produced include 21 Jump Street, The X-Files and Millennium. On the feature film side of the business, Tom had the pleasure of providing services for Legends Of The Fall (Brad Pitt) which won an Academy Award for best cinematography (John Toll) in 1995.

Over the past 25 years, Tom has also studied and consulted on the impact of digital technology in business. During that period of time, he introduced the online world to his music creation, Moments In Time,a curated walk down memory lane. In its 22nd year, this five-minute feature, written in a style similar to that of the legendary Paul Harvey's “The Rest of the Story,” airs weekly on the web via Treasure Island Oldies and came out in book and e-book formats in the fall of 2021. 

I was introduced to Tom by one of our guests on our Past the Jam  series suggesting Tom might make for a good guest on For What it's Worth with Blake Melnick to discuss his new book Moments in Time (MIT) Being a huge music fan I was immediately intrigued. I reached out to Tom and he kindly sent me an advanced copy of his book - I absolutely loved it, specifically because Tom does something very clever and innovative with his book. He embeds QR codes throughout, essentially creating an interactive experience for the reader. The Moments in Time are well researched and concisely written (approx. 2 pages per story). But the kicker for me was the ability to listen to the song after reading the MIT. It really is the best "bathroom book" ever!

As a life long music fan,I really appreciated that Tom provided the historical context for each and every song in the book - it brought back all kinds of memories for me triggered by the music.

I had the chance to meet Tom in person at his home in Vancouver and it was a real treat. It was abundantly clear that Tom is the consummate music lover, but beyond this, he has a creative, positive fun-loving spirit which shines through in every chapter of Moments in Time.

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Tom has kindly provided me with a limited number of signed copies of Moments in Time, for you our listeners and subscribers at a special price. We will be posting links to purchase a copy on this Blog entry, the For What It's Worth Podcast Series Facebook Page and in the show notes for the next episode

MIT is a "must have" addition to the library of music lover's everywhere! ...For What it's Worth


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