Understanding the Motivation to Innovate with Dr. Terry Soleas




This series is a passion project for me, as innovation has been a central theme throughout my entire career. 

First as a graduate student studying knowledge construction theory, human cognition, and human development, and applied psychology. Then as a teacher, immersed in advancing pedagogy, (the theory of teaching and learning) within some pretty unique and diverse education settings and programs.

As a researcher at the University of Toronto, applying knowledge building theory to practice, and witnessing very young people creating new knowledge when they're able to drive their own learning process

As a Chief Knowledge Officer and Chief Operating Officer, helping organizations tap into their greatest asset, their people, and the knowledge, experience, and know-how they possess in order to create new products, services and to design high performing cultures of innovation that lead to better performance for the organization and better work for employees, and finally as a Co-Founder of WINCan (Workplace Innovation Network for Canada) dedicated to improving Canada' capacity and capability for innovation.

Our world has changed, and there are some pretty big challenges facing future generations, that require new ways of thinking, working and learning. Advancing solutions to these challenges, require that we assume collective responsibility for innovation particularly social innovation.

Over the next few episodes of #ForWhatitsWorthwithBlakeMelnick and our series, #TheManyFacesofInnovation, we will be profiling innovators from across multiple fields of endeavor -  to hear their stories about their innovation journeys with the goal of making innovation more understandable, accessible and actionable to more people.

About Our Guest -  Dr. Elefterios (Terry) Soleas

Dr. Eleftherios (Terry) Soleas is the Director of Continuing Professional Development for the Faculty of Health Sciences as well as an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University. 

His dissertation explored the factors underlying the motivation to innovate and what learning environments can do to make innovation more likely. 

He applies his motivation research and educational development to high school and higher education learning environments particularly the motivation to innovate and professional development aspirations for health professions and learners in the health sciences. 

Eleftherios is a lifelong learner and early career academic who continues to contribute regularly to academic and professional books, conferences, and journals, as well as popular media such as radio, The Conversation, and phone interviews.

Understanding the Motivation to Innovate - Part 1

In part one, Dr. Soleas and I attempt to clarify the difference between invention and innovation. We discuss his personal motivations behind his research - the desire for social justice to ensure that those who have the drive to innovate, are able to do so. 

Understanding the Motivation to Innovate - Part 2

In part two, we explore the dimension of cost and and expectancies from and motivations for, innovation, as well as the design considerations which formed the basis for his research.

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