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January 27, 2023












In 2018 I was involved in a research initiative funded by the Skill's Catalyst Fund of thee Government of Ontario. the big, lofty goal was to address Canada's lacklustre performance in terms of investment into, and outputs from innovation investment - essentially to increase Canada's Capacity and Capability for Innovation and look for ways to make Canadian innovation efforts sustainable and ultimately systemic by ensuring every graduate was innovation capable and every employee was innovation enabled.

Our research efforts began with creating a definition of innovation which was understandable, accessible and actionable and then sought to understand innovation capability - In particular the mindset of innovators, but also the skills, knowledge and experience required to move from ideation to actualization.

We gained tremendous insights from both our Academic and Business partners. As the grant drew to a close, our partners felt the road we had embarked upon and the work we had accomplished, was too important to simply end with the conclusion of the grant, so Tom Carey and I formed a non-for-profit Corporation, The Workplace Innovation Network for Canada (WINCan) in late 2018.

While we were imagining WINCan, we decided we wanted to test what we had learned from our research, and create a prototype, micro-credential program, called KM and Workplace Innovation, where we could test our idea of "Classroom AS a Workplace” by having students learn and apply the skills, knowledge experience and mind-set associated with innovation; work alongside one another, and their counterparts in Business and Industry to address and advance solutions to a real world, complex innovation challenge - "How to ensure every Canadian has access to affordable housing by 2030”. The sponsor for the program was Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). CMHC had served as one of our partners in the Skills Catalyst Grant. 

One of the students in this pilot program was a young engineer ...

About Stephen Cohos

Stephen is a EIT at Entuitive that has a passion for working in the innovation space. He has been with Entuitive for five years after graduating from BCIT’s four-year Civil Engineering program.

His role at Entuitive entailed both working on client driven design projects and supporting the development of the innovative capacity of Entuitive’s employees.

As part of the Ennovation team, he focuses on creating opportunities for employees to deliver self-initiated and self-driven idea sprints to test ideas around increasing efficiency, finding new revenue opportunities, and developing our company culture.

About Entuitive

We are a group of purpose-driven engineers, scientists, designers, technologists, and city-building experts who deliver uncompromising performance through a comprehensive range of services for the built environment. Our culture, commitment, and passion enable us to achieve progressive solutions to the most complex challenges.

Since our inception in 2011, we have been recognized as the firm that does things differently. Our organization is designed for agility and navigated using guiding principles that aid us in achieving uncompromising performance: always asking better questions, tackling every challenge as an opportunity, and a relentless pursuit in being better tomorrow than we were today. We are committed to a sustainable future.

We exist to realize our potential for the fulfillment of our people, our clients, and the communities where our work comes to life. We strive to build a better world by being creative, collaborative, and advanced. 

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